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Welcome to Berlin!

Since at least some of you are interested in hearing about our adventures here in Berlin I thought I’d start a little blog to keep you updated.

After a 2 hour delay in Chicago and 6 lay over in London we landed in Berlin on Saturday night at about 6pm, Berlin time. We rallied the troops and managed to make it to church for Easter. It helps that everything seems to start a little later around here. We then did a little exploring and hit up the Easter Market (Osternmarkt) at Alexanderplatz. Easter is a big holiday here so were lots of markets, but all stores, except restaurants were closed. The first couple days have felt more like vacation, but when Sanjay goes back to work that will all change.

Observations so far:

Playgrounds here are covered with sand

You can get ice cream, coffee, and alcohol all at the same cafe

People here are still wearing winter coats, scarves, and hats when it’s 50+ degrees

Pretty much every restaurant/cafe has outdoor seating and it is almost always in use


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