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Another day, another doctor

Apparently we are on a tour of the Berlin healthcare system. Last night Asha kept waking up crying and finally disclosed that her ear was hurting. Not something a parent wants to hear: 1. No one wants their kid to be sick 2. You have to go to the doctor to find out if it is infected. You have no other option. Which could mean a lot of waiting at the doctor’s office.

I spent the rest of the evening researching doctors close by (no repeats of the trip to the eye doctor) who also spoke English and started emailing offices just to see if I would get a response before I could call in the morning. I was really hoping we could get an appointment to avoid waiting at walk-in hours. Luckily one of the docs was still at work and gave us an appointment for this morning and the office was within walking distance. Score!

We actually made it to the office right time. This RARELY happens! The office was so nice. Very clean and the waiting area looked more like a play room.


A portion of one of the 3 waiting areas

We were only there for about 15 minutes start to finish. I was quite impressed. The verdict, no ear infection yet, which just like in the US means no antibiotics. However, he did prescribe a nose spray and some homeopathic drops. He also set up an appointment for us to return tomorrow just to make sure things don’t go south. It was easy peasy! Quite a relief and now we have a pediatrician here which I’m sure will come in handy.

In the afternoon we hit up an indoor kindercafe. We have places like this in Chicago, but the cafe portion of this place was way better. I mean they are all about cafes here, so I wouldn’t expect less. Big upside, it only cost 1 euro per child to play as long as they want. That’s a little over $1! In Chicago it’s at least $10. Granted they get you with the coffee and treats, but even still it was less costly than home.

Also we could walk there. I love being able to walk to so many places. I am also considering getting a bike. Lots of people bike here and it is so well set up with bike paths on the sidewalks and roads. The bikers also OBEY the rules. Such a novel idea I know!

Things I would bring back to the US:

  1. Law abiding bicyclists
  2. Good cheap wine (Seriously the most expensive bottle I saw was about 12 euro at more high-end grocery store)
  3. People talking at cafes and not looking at their phones





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