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So Much “Milch”

It is not new to me that my kids drink a lot of milk. At home we go through about a gallon in about 4 days. This also takes into account that Asha is usually in school all week. If she is home it goes even quicker. Anyway, here the largest container of milk I can find is 1 liter. That is nothing! We are going through 2 liters of milk about every 1.5 days. This means even more trips to the grocery store. I realized that I would be grocery shopping more frequently, because here it seems like you only buy a few days worth of groceries at a time, but I have to buy milk almost everyday.We are rationing it and trying to increase their water intake, but it is still a lot of milk.

So everyday I’m heading to the grocery with both girls in tow. I realize that a lot of parents do this, but I have grown accustomed to shopping alone or at least putting Karina in the cart. Here she is in a stroller which means she is grabbing at EVERYTHING. That is when she is not screaming like someone is going to kill her because she just wants to get out of the stroller. So my trips to the store are filled with lots of judgey stares, trying to strategically place the stroller so she is not within reach of anything, and lots of deep breaths. What makes it worse is that it seems like no one else in the grocery store is with a kids, or when there is another kid in the store he/she is very well behaved comparatively.

I don’t know if it’s that my kids are extra loud and crazy or if kids here are just more reserved. Literally every time we leave the house Karina is screaming like a wild animal for at least some portion of time. Then the stares start. I feel bad, but I don’t know what to do. Believe me if I did I’d make it stop. I mean I have to listen to it too, When she is not screaming she is laughing loudly or saying “hi”on repeat to everyone nearby. Some people find this cute and engage with her. Others once again seem annoyed. My kids are loud and outgoing. There’s not much more I can say. Again I don’t know if this is a cultural thing or I’m just more aware of it now, but it seems like most the kids we encounter are quiet and well behaved. However; I did witness a tantrum today on the bus and while I felt bad for the dad I also felt a little sense of relief.

This afternoon we headed out to Britzer Garten. A beautiful park, but quite far. It took us a tram, train, and bus to get there, but we had a great time. I really want to go back when more of the flowers are in bloom because there are so many gardens. We had minimal screaming this time. Mostly Karina just keep trying to stand up while I was pushing the stroller. The little one always wants to walk and the big one wants carried!


Once again all the playgrounds where sandpits. I really don’t like it. I keep finding sand all over the apartment. I’m not sure who came up with this idea, but they should have also provided some foot washing stations or something. Ugh! At least the kids love it.





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