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Glad it’s Friday!

I don’t know about you all, but this week has been exhausting! Sanjay had some big things going on this week, so he wasn’t home until later in the evening, and the days were long. Glad we’ll have him around for the next couple of days! I love exploring the city, but it’s even more fun when we are all together. Being man to man is not so bad either 😉

Today while we were riding the tram to the gym. I was reading the English instructions on the fare machine and realized I had accidentally been cheating the BVG, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe the public transportation company. I use their mobile app to purchase a single ride ticket which is valid for 2 hrs, so if we were heading home with in that window I wouldn’t buy a new ticket. After reading, I learned that while the ticket is valid it is only valid for you are continuing on along the same path in which you started not making a return trip. This still seems weird to me because I don’t understand why it matters if I am returning. I’m still in the same fare zone and within the time window. Being the rule follower that I am I’ll now be purchasing a ticket each way. I also learned that I can buy a cheaper ticket because I only go 3 stops which qualifies as a short trip.

As you can tell my day was not super interesting. I did have to tell Asha to stop pointing at people “blowing smoke.” I never really thought about it until we came to Germany, but she had never really seen anyone smoking and it is very common place here. She asked about it one day and Sanjay told her it was bad for her health. Now she is very confused as to why people do something that could make them sick. I personally don’t even understand it and there is really no way to explain this kind of abstract idea to a literal thinking 4 year old. I have wondered myself since we’ve been here why smoking has remained so prevalent. I mean as long as you are not bothering me, to each his own, but I just don’t get it with all the research and facts surrounding the effects of smoking. They have to know, so either they can’t quit or they don’t really care. There are still cigarette machines here. It’s very strange to me.

I found this today:


Natural peanut butter! I was excited 🙂

Asha loved her ballet class, so we’ll be going back. There was only one other girl in this class, so I think we may try a different day. On our walk home we hit up a park for a little bit.

Karina wanted leave you with a little dance. I know she is only wearing one shoe. She doesn’t like to keep them on, so I’ve stopped trying. I have to explain this a lot to people on the street letting me know that my kid has one shoe.




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