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Italian Vacation

Ciao! I know it’s been a few days, but hey I’m on vacay. Also the wi-fi here is not so great. I mean who really needs it that much when you are surrounded by these views!

Anyway, we are spent 1 day in Rome and we are now in day two in Tuscany. The bread and gelato are amazing. I’m not really a big pasta fan, so I can’t really speak to that, but everyone else says it’s good. It was really cool to see all the sites in Rome and think about how incredibly old everything is. I liked seeing the history, but was not a fan of the giant tour groups. At the end of the day I was really over all the people. It doesn’t help that we were trying to navigate through the crowds with two strollers. Also the kids are tired and therefore extra crazy. Karina has decided that she is fully capable of pushing a normal size stroller and screams bloody murder when denied the opportunity which is awesome. The kids seem to take turns crying and being upset, so there’s never a dull moment.

The house we rented in Tuscany is gorgeous and all the little hill towns we have visited have been beautiful. Today we went to Florence and it was a beautiful city. I would have liked to do a little more shopping, but there is just a lot to fit into one day and with three kids. Yesterday we went to pig farm and say Cinta Senese pigs, a breed specific to Tuscany. We say where the pigs are raised and then had a tasting. During the tasting they told us about the different cuts of meat, what part of the pig they are and how they are processed. It was very interested and not surprisingly my kids devoured the meat.

All in all Italy is pretty great. It is absolutely beautiful! I am however afraid that I will be hit by a car because the drivers are crazy! It is far more laid back than Germany and for the most part very kid friendly. Here are a few pictures from our adventures thus far.


Also the coffee is even smaller here because it is actually espresso. The first couple days I kept forgetting this and was really disappointed when I was handed a shot glass size cup of coffee. We have also had some difficulty with the Italian washer. Probably because none of us can actually read it. There is also no dryer, so we have to hang the clothes outside. In general life seems a little simpler here, at least in the smaller towns. It’s a bit challenging when you are used to all the latest and greatest things, but it is also very refreshing.





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