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The last few days here in Italy have been pretty low key, which is very nice. We visited the church of St. Francis in Assisi and went to the small hill town Corotona. We did some wine tastings and had a little picnic with beautiful views. Italy does not disappoint when it comes to scenery.

We have also eaten a lot, but the last night was by far the best meal we have had. When we booked our rental house through Air BnB we decided to ask the home owner, Marco, about having a traditional Tuscan dinner at the house because the grounds looked so beautiful. He was happy to do this, but what we didn’t realize at the time was that he and his wife would be preparing the meal for us. This was an experience you could not get at a hotel. We talked to them as they prepared the food and insisted they at least join us for drinks and dessert. Which by the way was a delicious cake that his wife got up at 6am to make before she went to work! It was nice to learn about them and their family. At times we had to use phones for translation, but smiles and laughter are universal. It was an experience I know none of else will ever forgot and worth every Euro to get to experience the culture and Tuscan life in that way.

We packed up and headed back toward Rome. On the way we decided to take a little detour and stop by the Mediterranean Sea. It was beautiful of course!  Unfortunately we are leaving the sunshine behind. The weather in Berlin is cold and rainy, but oh well!

If you are ever planning a trip to Siena I highly recommend renting a house. I would also be happy to give you the info on the one we rented. The house is beautiful and the people stupendo!

We are incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful friends who are really family. I’m grateful that we were able to take this trip and spend to time together. By the end we were all pretty beat, but it was worth it. So far it seems we only lost one thing, our portable crib. How do you lose something so big you ask? Well none of us are really sure, but we think it may have fallen out of the car. You see on the way to Siena from Rome we stopped in Orvieto and as we were leaving someone honked at us. We were driving away with our trunk open. Oops! A causality of a great vacation I guess.




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