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Another Weekend, Another City

This past Saturday we decided to take the train to Hamburg, Germany. Many of Sanjay’s German coworkers were talking it up. We arrived and walked around the warehouse district as this was the closest area to the train station. Hamburg is a major port city, so we were trying to make our way toward the harbor area. Along the way we passed the maritime museum and went in, for Sanjay. To be honest, so far I was not impressed with Hamburg. The harbor seemed ok, but I really wasn’t sure what we were going to do all day. To be fair, we were all suffering from some serious travel fatigue. We have really tried to take advantage of being here, but you can only do so much before it starts to lose its luster and you’re just tired. I know, I know. Boo hoo, poor Karla you have to travel around Europe. I realize this is a good problem to have and I’m very grateful for everything we have been able to do.

We decided to take a boat tour and then head back to Berlin on an earlier train. While walking toward the boat area we got to pass the “true” harbor area and it was pretty cool. If I was near by again, and sans kids, I think I’d give Hamburg another shot. The boat tour was nice and we got to see some cool military ships. Taking the earlier train was actually really great because it was around dinner time. We sat in the dining car so the kids could eat. Which means they were entertained for about half of the train ride. Otherwise we spend most of the time trying to find things to do, like walking up and down the train cars or going to the bathroom. It also meant no late night so the kids were less grouchy.

This was probably our last trip while we are here. There are still a few things here in Berlin that I would like to explore. On Sunday we checked one off my list, the East Side Gallery. The East Side Gallery is a portion of the Berlin wall that is still intact and has been turned into a mural wall. I really love how they took a symbol of oppression and a dark period and turned it into something beautiful. It’s a reminder of the past, but also hope for a better future. It demonstrates how something negative can be made positive. Here are just a few of the paintings.

This weekend we are planning to go to Tier Park, another zoo, to celebrate Karina’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe she will be two!!




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