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Eis and Kuchen and Gebäck, Oh My!

In the words of my dad, you can’t sling a dead cat around here without hitting something sweet. In one block you will pass at least one bakery, bäckerei, three coffee shops with sweet cases, and one ice cream, Eis, stand. They will all also serve coffee, small coffee (I’m still not over it). In Italy it seemed to be more gelato everywhere than baked goods and Austria was pretty much the same as Germany.

Here in Germany there seem to be two types of bakeries, local and chain. Either can be hit or miss. Almost all of the bakeries also have different breads and of course pretzels. We have tried several of the chains Kamps, Steinecke, Ditsch, and Lila. The first three have been pretty good, but some of the best sweets we’ve had have been at cafes. Lila is just not good in my opinion. The bread is ok and the donuts not to bad, but everything else, yuck. There is one right by our house, so Asha asks to stop there sometimes after music class. The girls usually get donuts, but sometimes have veered to other items. Once Asha got a cookie. I tried a bite and actually had to spit it out. I think that was a first for me. If you find yourself in Germany craving something sweet and you see a Lila just keeping walking. A few meters more and you’re bound to find something better.

There are also ice cream stands everywhere. We took the girls for ice cream after dinner on Friday and first place we went to was very picked over. I think they must have been closing soon. No worries we just walked a couple more blocks and had or choice of two more. The ice cream was delicious. The girls had dark chocolate and it did not disappoint. What I love about the ice cream stands is that a small is truly a small. One scoop. Just enough indulgence. At least for me. Don’t worry you can get multiple scoops if you like. They also have frozen yogurt here. It is similar to the tart yogurt you would find at Pinkberry or other frozen yogurt chains, but a little sweeter. I actually prefer it what I’ve tasted in the US. Like in the US, at frozen yogurt shops you can pick toppings. I have only come across a few frozen yogurt shops. One is just a few blocks from our apartment.

What I found interesting is that cupcakes are not something easily found in Berlin. Asha wanted to get cupcakes for my birthday, so I did a little research and only found maybe five places in Berlin that made cupcakes. As I researched further I learned that cupcakes are definitely an American thing. Some people have tried to bring the idea here and a couple shops seem to be quite successful, but the idea has not really taken off like in the US. We found a nice cupcake bakery just a couple train stops from us and went there for Karina’s birthday. The cupcakes were very tasty and again to my delight all minis. We got a little assortment so we could try some different flavors.

I’ve tried not to indulge too much and I have to limit the kids because sometimes I think they could eat sweets all day long. The constant barrage of sugar has helped with my will power.

Now you probably want some chocolate or something, so go treat yourself! 🙂




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